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Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring

Course Description:

Focused on Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure technologies, this course covers Terminal Services, Web Services infrastructure and security, Media Server, Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services server options, File Server, Print Services, network maintenance, and Simple Network Management Protocol.

Course Outline:


·    Installing Active Directory Domain Services
·    Lesson 2: Active Directory Domain Services on Server Core


·    Working with Active Directory Snap-ins
·    Creating Objects in Active Directory
·    Delegation and Security of Active Directory Objects


·    Automating the Creation of User Accounts
·    Creating Users with Windows PowerShell and VBScript
·    Supporting User Objects and Accounts


·    Creating and Managing Groups
·    Automating the Creation and Management of Groups
·    Administering Groups in an Enterprise


·    Creating Computers and Joining the Domain
·    Automating the Creation of Computer Objects
·    Supporting Computer Objects and Accounts

Group Policy Infrastructure

·    Implementing Group Policy
·    Managing Group Policy Scope
·    Supporting Group Policy

Group Policy Settings

·    Delegating the Support of Computers
·    Managing Security Settings
·    Managing Software with Group Policy Software Installation
·    Auditing


·    Configuring Password and Lockout Policies
·    Auditing Authentication
·    Configuring Read-Only Domain Controllers

Integrating Domain Name System with AD DS

·    DNS and IPv6
·    Lesson 1: Understanding and Installing Domain Name System
·    Lesson 2: Configuring and Using Domain Name System

Domain Controllers

·    Installing Domain Controllers
·    Configuring Operations Masters
·    Configuring DFS Replication of SYSVOL

Sites and Replication

·    Configuring Sites and Subnets
·    Configuring the Global Catalog and Application Directory Partitions
·    Configuring Replication

Domains and Forests

·    Understanding Domain and Forest Functional Levels
·    Managing Multiple Domains and Trust Relationships

Directory Business Continuity

·    Proactive Directory Maintenance and Data Store Protection
·    Proactive Directory Performance Management

Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services

·    Understanding and Installing AD LDS
·    Configuring and Using AD LDS

Active Directory Certificate Services and Public Key Infrastructures

·    Understanding and Installing Active Directory Certificate Services
·    Configuring and Using Active Directory Certificate Services

Active Directory Rights Management Services

·    Understanding and Installing Active Directory Rights Management Services
·    Configuring and Using Active Directory Rights Management Services

Active Directory Federation Services

·    The Purpose of a Firewall
·    Active Directory Federation Services
·    Lesson 1: Understanding Active Directory Federation Services
·    Lesson 2: Configuring and Using Active Directory Federation Services

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