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IT Outplacement

Amfasoft offer customized individual full service premier IT outplacement services with one-on-one coaching to help you leverage your strengths and communicate your unique IT competitive values. Amfasoft customized individual outplacement programs and services are tailored to your specific needs. This premier customized program is suited to today's rapidly changing IT business world to help prepare motivated individuals to obtain sustained quality employment with minimum delay.

Many outplacement companies are not run by IT experts and as a result they lack the extra IT knowledge, specifics and experience that make significant difference for the outplacement of IT people. At Amfasoft we mainly focus on the niche market which is the "IT Outplacement" and all our resources are dedicated to help the outplaced IT individual with one-on-one coaching for the best results which is helping you finding the right fit opportunities. At Amfasoft, we are dedicated premium IT Outplacement company that guarantees results.

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Helping IT individuals obtain meaningful and sustained value IT employment is our strength.

Who We Work With
We work with all types of IT displaced employees, including senior-level IT employees such as managers, directors, operations IT, data centers IT, ERP "Oracle and SAP" IT specialist at all levels, analyst, DBAs, software engineers, IT security, IT network, IT project managers and much more.

Special Premium IT Outplacement Package to the Individual:
Individual Outplacement Services are unlimited and customized one-one-one coaching and can be customized depending on the level of any IT individual.

Individual Premium IT Outplacement Program includes:

Unlimited One-On-One Coaching. This is unlimited and personalized one-on-one coaching. Our experts serve as your personal advisors and strategic coaches for the assessments of skills, strength, challenges and opportunities. The advisor will also assess and outline how to bridge the gap to the current market needs in technical competency, functional competency, process competency, managerial competency, communication competency and much more.

Customized Program: To address your interests, needs, and preferences. The objective is to make you a high value competent IT staff for any organization in a very short time.

One-on-One Counseling: On resumes, cover letters, networking, interviewing, personal branding and more such as:
  - Resume:  Certified experts will make your resume persuasive and memorable that gets results.
  - Cover letter:  Unique and informative letter highlighting your valuable skills to impress and attract recruiters and     employers to call you.
  - Interview and feedback sessions.

Access to premier online job search engine:
  - View and apply to all right fit jobs.
  - Connect with recruiters in your professional network by regions in US, Canada, UK and International.
  - Post your professional biodata to let recruiters find you easily.
  - Save searches to have jobs delivered right to your inbox 24/7.

Unlimited use of our outplacement facility which includes access to computers, printers, Internet, and job bank databases. Individual Mobile kit is provided as a loaner which includes laptop, printer/scanner and fax so you can work comfortably from any place any time 24/7.

Leading-edge tools such as your personalized resource library 24/7 and career information to rich networking opportunities.

Online resume tools that enable you to automatically apply for job openings and send correspondence using a fully integrated system, as well as track your resume and cover letters that you've sent. 

Skills training and Web seminars on matters such as interview skills, securing good references, effective correspondence, communication, presentation, functional, technical, negotiation, financial and project management to effectively present yourself to the marketplace. We succeed when you succeed.

Amfasoft training classes to enhance skill sets in functional, technical, communication, negotiation, presentation, project management and much more.

Conferences and networking meetings on the latest products, services and processes to improve and expand your market visibility and skills on the current IT issues and opportunities.

And much more to help you succeed in finding the right fit opportunities that you like and love the work you do.

For more information about Amfasoft Premier IT Outplacement Services; please call us at 510-770-6748