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Amfasoft offers a breadth and depth of services that is unmatched in the industry. At Amfasoft, the focus is on delivering:

· Complete solutions
· Unparalleled customer service

Experience you can count on


Hands on practice to simulate job like situations

Complete Solutions  

Amfasoft goes well beyond delivering the most comprehensive, technologically advanced suite of HCDM solutions in the industry. Amfasoft is focused on providing the total solution for your organization. You can count on a full array of strategic and tactical services, a commitment to open communication and knowledge transfer, a deep industry knowledge in a variety of industries in order to tailor your solution based on core business needs, and a comprehensive partner network to meet your total requirements. At Amfasoft, we understand that you have very specific needs are trying to solve a business problem. This knowledge, and the tangible steps Amfasoft takes to ensure your needs are completely fulfilled, uniquely differentiates Amfasoft in our market.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Amfasoft lets the facts speak for themselves:

· Amfasoft’s Hosting organization has not missed a SLA since inception (over 4 years ago)
· Our Support team customer services rating is above 93%
· Maintenance renewal rate has been above 95% for the past two years
· Education delivery quality rated at 92%
· 96% of customers who work with Amfasoft services engage them again for other projects
· 75% of customers participate in one or more customer forum  

 Experience You Can Count On

Amfasoft has successfully implemented enterprise-wide learning solutions all over the globe, covering a vast array of industries and addressing a myriad of business objectives. More than 50% of these implementations have user populations over twenty-five thousand and many are well over one hundred thousand. In order to accurately deliver and support these HCDM solutions, an organization must have depth and breadth of experience around the world. The Amfasoft team demonstrates that breadth and depth year after year. That is why our customers, no matter where they are located, consistently come back to us to purchase additional products and services.