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Microsoft Access

Course Description

This course teaches programming concepts and how to add simple functionality to a Microsoft Access 2002 database. Microsoft Access is widely used by small businesses, within departments of large corporations, and hobby programmers to create ad hoc customized systems for handling the creation and manipulation of data. Its ease of use and powerful design tools give the non-professional programmer a lot of power for little effort. This course designed to teach fundamental microsoft access processing skills to beginning and intermediate level students. This course will also prepare students for Microsoft certification.

Course Objectives:

· Understand When and Why we use Access.
· Learn to design the database.
· Create, Retrieve, Manipulate and Output data.
· Learn to Query and Report in Access.
· Understand use of multiple tables.

Course Contents:

· Creating and using Databases
· Creating and Modifying Tables
· Creating and Modifying Queries
· Creating and Modifying Forms
· Viewing and Organization Information
· Defining Relationships
· Producing Reports
· Integration with Other Applications

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