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Course Description

This course is essential study for users of all R/4 modules, regardless of the organization's business/industry classification. To fully exploit the functionality of R/4, business users need to be both confident and proficient in the use of all the main navigational and systems functionality of SAP. This course will provide R/4 users with the knowledge and skills to perform regular tasks and procedures, including customizing activities in Financial and Controlling.

Course Delivery Option

  • Classroom
  • Online


Course Objectives

  • Plan and analysis activity including quality and reviews
  • Break down complex business scenarios or problems into process and data models
  • Upon completion of this program the student will be ready for an entry-level to Mid-level Office Management Analyst job.
  • Mid-level Office Management Analyst job.
  • Develop strong conceptual and practical knowledge in all areas of FICO.
  • Provide SAP users with the knowledge and skills to perform regular task and procedures.
  • Grow FICO professionalism with practical examples of real world scenarios.


Course Instruction Details

SAP: FICO module is a powerful, integrated environment, dynamically interfacing Accounts Receivable/Payable functions with General Ledger and Assets Accounting. You will usually encounter both FI and CO (Cost Center Controlling) in a business environment. The procedures for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable are very similar in R/4.


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