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Course Description

This course teaches developers how to create J2EE applications using servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), and Web services. Students learn how to design and develop J2EE applications using Oracle9i JDeveloper and make decisions about when to use the various J2EE components. Additionally, students deploy the applications to Oracle9i Application Server.  

Course Objectives:

· Identify appropriate J2EE components and architectures based on the needs of applications
· Build a web-enabled database application using J2EE components, including servlets, Javaserver pages, and enterprise
· Deploy J2EE applications to the Oracle9i Application Server

Course Contents:

· Introduction
· J2EE Overview
· Architecting J2EE Applications
· Creating the Web Tier: Servlets
· Accessing the Database with Servlets
· Using Advanced Servlet Techniques
· Maintaining State in J2EE Applications
· Creating the Web Tier: JavaServer Pages
· Modularizing JavaServer Pages Development with Tags
· Communicating in J2EE
· Creating the Business Tier: Enterprise JavaBeans
· Implementing Business Tasks with Session EJBs
· Managing Persistent Data in the Business Tier: Entity EJBs
· Achieving Flexible State Management in the Business Tier: BMP Entity EJBs
· Achieving Portable State Management in the Business Tier: CMP Entity EJBs
· Developing Message-Driven Beans
· Distributing Modular Applications: Introduction to Web Services
· Distributing Modular Applications: Developing Web Services
· Implementing Security in J2EE Applications
· Oracle9iAS: Advanced Topics for J2EE Developers

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