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Course Description

This course will teach you the essentials of XML and how XML is, at its core, about layering type and structure over information. We will begin by studying XML's abstract information model (Infoset), the canonical serialization format (XML 1.0 + Namespaces), and the official type system (XML Schemas). Then we'll see how developers can increase productivity through layered technologies.

Course Objectives:

· Student will learn how to store, search and retrieve XML in Oracle9i database
· Hands-on labs are based on realistic project scenarios and various XML tools.

Course Contents:

· Overview of XML and Web Services
· Creating a Well-Formed XML document
· Creating a Document Type Definition (DTD)
· Declaring XML Namespaces
· Creating an XML Schema
· Processing  XML with SAX (Simple API for XML)
· Processing XML with DOM (Document Object Model)
· Selecting Nodes in an XML document with XPath
·  Creating Hyperlinks with XLink and XPointer
· Transforming and Rendering an XML document with XSLT
· Rendering an XML Document with CSS and XSL Formatting Objects
· Encrypting and Decrypting Elements in an XML Document
· Creating and Verifying a Digital Signature on an XML Document
· Introducing XML Web Services

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