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Accounting: Taxation

Course Description

Taxation program prepares individuals to provide tax advice and management services to individuals and corporations. Includesinstruction in tax law and regulations, tax record systems, individual and corporate income taxation and tax planning. This course prepares your tax knowledge and skill and enables you to prepare income tax returns accurately and efficiently.

Course Objectives:


· The participants should be able to learn rules and regulation
· Identify tax structures, tax research sources, and tax practice
· Learn proper filing status and dependency exemptions for individual and sole proprietor taxpayers
· Able to analyze income, exclusions, deductions, and credits for individual and sole proprietor taxpayers


Course Contents:


· Federal Taxation and Understanding Federal Tax Law
· Tax Research, Practice, and Procedure
· Individual Taxation
· Deductions: General Concepts and Trade or Business Deductions
· Deductions: Business/Investment Losses and Passive Activity Losses
· Deductions: Itemized Deductions
· Tax Credits, Prepayments, and Special Methods


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