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Big Data and Python Programming

Course Description

This course This course will teach students to work on various real-world big data projects using different Big Data tools as a part of solution strategy. The course will provide students’ knowledge and skills to process big data on platforms that can handle the variety, velocity, and volume of data. This comprehensive training on framework provides hands on experience for solving real time industry based big data projects to become an expert in Big Data. development, style, and testing.

Course Objectives:

· Student will learn how to format data using new technologies and techniques
· Learn about the fundamentals of databases
· Learn basic principles for working with Big Data 
· Learn the basic tools for statistical analysis, R and Python, and several machine learning algorithms
· Learn how python supports other programming tasks related to web servers and big data analytics

Course Contents:

· Scalability
· Big Data Systems and Programming
· Hadoop
· Tensor Flow
· Introduction/Overview
· Primitive and collection data types
· Operators and Statements
· Loops and Branching
· Functions
· Object Oriented Programming
· File Handling
· Modules and Packages

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