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Deep Learning and Microsoft Azure

Course Description

In this course we will learn about the basics of deep neural networks, and their applications to various tasks. The course aim is to present the mathematical, statistical, and computational challenges of building stable representations for high-dimensional data.
Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that provides infrastructure, managed services that you might need for your business applications. It is suited for businesses that want to leverage cloud servers.

Course Objectives:

· Learn the tools required for building Deep Learning models
· Explore multiple architectures and understand how to fine-tune and continuously improve models
· Learn how the same task can be solved using multiple Deep Learning approaches
· Deploy and configure Azure infrastructure
· Implement workloads and security on Azure
· Create and deploy apps on Azure
· Implement Azure authentication and secure data

Course Contents:

· Shallow and Deep Neural Networks
· Explaining and Harnessing Adversarial Examples
· Optimization
· Gradient Checking
· Hyperparameter tuning
· Programming Frameworks
· Conditional GAN, CycleGAN
· Azure Virtual Machines
· Storage
· Networking
· Inter-site Connectivity
· Monitoring
· Data Protection and Security
· Data and Applications

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