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Machine Learning and Data Science

Course Description

This package provides an understanding of the foundations of data science and its applications and a broad introduction to machine learning and algorithms and learn how the data science process can be used to address business problems. 

Course Objectives:

· Design one or more services or applications within an organization
· Understand the processes of the business well for creating a cohesive product vision
· Responsible for building and integration of computer systems and information for meeting specific needs
· Explore multiple architectures and understand how to fine-tune and continuously improve models
· Learn the principles of machine learning and the importance of algorithms
· Understanding of machine learning
· Learn how complex data can be harnessed to grow and scale an organization

Course Contents:

· Introduction
· Explaining and Harnessing Adversarial Examples 
· Optimization
· Gradient Checking
· Hyperparameter tuning
· Programming Frameworks

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