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Accounting: All in One & Taxation

Program Description

Accounting: All in One is a comprehensive program that provides students training and hands-on practice in Bookkeeping, QuickBooks & Computerized Accounting. Upon completion of this program, the student will take the certification exam to become a Certified Bookkeeper in the module “Mastering Adjusting Entries”. Taxation. A program that prepares individuals to provide tax advice and management services to individuals and corporations. Includes instruction in tax law and regulations, tax record systems, individual and corporate income taxation, and tax planning.


Course Objectives:

· The participants should be able to record business transactions into an accounting system
· Prepare and interpret major financial reports.
· Understand the accounting process and to develop skills necessary to evaluate an enterprise’s financial position and its operating, investing, and financing activities
· Provide the latest up to date on changes in bookkeeping and accounting rules and regulations
· Federal Taxation and Understanding Federal Tax Law
· Tax Practice, and Procedure
· Individual Taxation
· Gross Income
· Deductions
· Prepare for Tax Certification Exam