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Comp Tia A+ Computer Technician Fundamentals

Course Description:

In this hands-on course with a particular focus on CompTIA A+ certification exam preparation, you'll gain the needed knowledge of basic computer hardware and operating systems. You'll cover the essential principles of installing, building, upgrading, repairing, configuring, troubleshooting, optimizing, diagnosing, and preventive maintenance, and you'll learn elements of customer service and communication skills necessary to work with clients. With 70 percent hands on and 30 percent lecture you will gain valuable experience and insight into the field of computer repair and aquire the skills necessary to become a first-rate computer technician.

Course Outline:

Part I: CompTIA A+ Essentials

Chapter 1: Hardware

·    Identify Principles of Personal Computer Storage
·    Identifying Motherboards
·    Working with Power Supplies
·    Cooling Methods
·    Display Devices
·    Input and Peripheral Devices
·    Principles of Laptops and Portable Devices
·    Installation and Configuration of Printers


Chapter 2: Troubleshooting, Repair, and Maintenance

·    The Basics of Troubleshooting
·    Common Symptoms and Causes
·    Common Printer Problems
·    Common Laptop Issues
·    Performing Preventive Maintenance

Chapter 3: Operating Systems and Software

·    Operating System Features
·    User Interfaces
·    Configuring Windows
·    Identifying Boot Sequences

Chapter 4: Networking

·    The Basics of Networking
·    Network Cabling and Connectors
·    Different Network Types

Chapter 5: Security

·    Explain the Basic Principles of Security
·    Security Features

Chapter 6: Operational Procedure

·    Safety First
·    Good Communication Skills

Part II: Comptia A+ Practical Application

Chapter 7: Hardware

·    Installing, Configuring, and Maintaining Personal Computer Components
·    Diagnostic Procedures for PC Components
·    Working with Laptops and Portable Devices
·    Building a Toolbox
·    Working with Printers

Chapter 8: Operating Systems

·    Commands for Troubleshooting
·    Windows Directory Structures
·    System Utilities and Tools
·    Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Chapter 9: Networking

·    Client-side Connectivity Issues
·    Installing and Configuring a SOHO Network

Chapter 10: Security

·    Viruses and Malware
·    Security and Troubleshooting