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Implementing Cisco Ipv6

Course Description

•    Design, build, configure, and support networks based on Version 6 of the Internet Protocol

•    Overview of history and motivations behind the new protocol, including the limitations

     of the IPv4  address space, Network Address Translation (NAT), fast growth of the

     Internet routing table, international issues, mobility, security, and many other topics

•    Header format, addressing, Path MTU Discovery (PMTUD), IPv6 over link-layer

     technologies, Extended Unique Identifier-64-bit (EUI-64) format, Internet

     Control Message Protocol Version 6 (ICMPv6), autoconfiguration, neighbor discovery

     protocol, Duplicate Address Detection (DAD), and use of DNS with IPv6

•   Comparison with BGP4+, RIPng, IS-IS for IPv6, and OSPFv3 with Cisco IOS(r)

    Software routing references and examples

•   Transitioning from and co-existing with IPv4 using Dual Stack, configured tunnel,

    generic routing encapsulation (GRE), 6to4, 6to4 Relay, Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel

    Addressing Protocol (ISATAP), and Network Address Translation-Protocol Translation

    (NAT-PT) configurations

•   Enabling, configuring, and operating a Cisco router with IPv6 addresses, prefixes,

    IPv6 ACLs, IPv6-enabled routing protocols, CEFv6, and several coexistence mechanisms

•   Host-router interaction with Microsoft Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, and Tru64 UNIX

    Preview of Internet IPv6 and address allocation on 6Bone

•   Deploying production IPv6 connectivity in enterprise networks using prefixes allocated by


Course Outline

Overview of and Justification for IPv6

* Rationale for IPv6
* IPv4 Address Space
* IPv4 Address Space Exhaustion
* History of IPv6
* IPv5
* Network Address Translation
* IPv6 Features

IPv6 Addressing

* IP Header
* Addressing
* Addressing Architecture of IPv6
* Configuring IPv6 on Cisco IOS Software Technology
* Configuration Exercise: Configuring an IPv6 Network Using Cisco Routers

IPv6 in Depth

* Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv6 (ICMPv6)
* Path MTU Discovery (PMTUD) for IPv6
* Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP)
* Domain Name System (DNS)
* Securing the Network Using IPv6 Access Control Lists (ACLs)
* Cisco IOS Software IPv6 Tools
* Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6)
* IPv6 Security
* Mobile IP
* Configuration Exercise: Managing Prefixes on the IPv6 Network Using Cisco Routers

Routing on IPv6

* Introduction to Routing with IPv6
* Static IPv6 Routes
* EGP Protocols for IPv6
* IGP Protocols for IPv6
* Cisco Express Forwarding for IPv6
* Case Study: Configuring Static Routes and Routing Protocols with Cisco

IPv6 Integration and Coexistence Strategies

* Dual Stack
* Tunneling IPv6 Packets Over Existing IPv4 Networks
* IPv6-Only-to-IPv4-Only Transition Mechanisms
* Case Study: Using IPv6 Integration and Coexistence Strategies with Cisco

IPv6 Hosts Internetworking with Cisco

* IPv6 on Microsoft Windows
* IPv6 on Solaris
* IPv6 on FreeBSD
* IPv6 on Linux
* IPv6 on Tru64 UNIX
* Other Host Implementations That Support IPv6
* Summary
* Case Study: Internetworking IPv6 Hosts with Cisco

Connecting to the IPv6 Internet

* 6bone
* IPv6 Internet
* Connecting to the Production IPv6 Internet
* Industry Support and Trends