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Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician

Course Description:

Focused on planning and managing a client life-cycle strategy, designing a standard image and client configurations, planning Windows 7 client deployment, managing application compatibility, and identifying and resolving issues with deployment and configuration.

Course Outline:

Troubleshooting Hardware Failures

    ·  Using Windows 7 Hardware Troubleshooting Tools

    ·  Troubleshooting Hardware Components


     ·  Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

     ·  Troubleshooting Name Resolution

     ·  Troubleshooting Wireless Networks


     ·   Troubleshooting Network Printers


     ·   Authenticating Users

     ·   Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Security

     ·   Using Encryption to Control Access to Data

Protecting Client Systems

     ·   Resolving Malware Issues

Understanding and Troubleshooting Remote Access Connections

     ·   Understanding VPN Client Connections

     ·   Understanding DirectAccess Client Connections


     ·   Updating Software


     *    Forwarding Events

     *    Troubleshooting Performance Problems

Troubleshooting Software Issues

     ·   Understanding and Resolving Installation Failures

     ·   Resolving Software Configuration and Compatibility Issues

Configuring Windows Firewall

     ·   Understanding Windows Firewall

     ·   Understanding Network Locations

     ·   Understanding Firewall Profiles

     ·   Creating Inbound Exceptions

     ·   Creating Inbound Exceptions in Group Policy

     ·   Troubleshooting Windows Firewall

Managing User Files and Settings

     ·   Managing Offline Files

     ·   Managing Data for Roaming Users

     ·   Key Terms

Configuring Startup and Troubleshooting Startup Issues

     ·   What's New with Windows Startup

     ·   Understanding the Startup Process

     ·   Important Startup Files

     ·   How to Configure Startup Settings

     ·   The Process of Troubleshooting Startup

Troubleshooting Hardware, Driver, and Disk Issues

     ·   Windows 7 Improvements for Hardware and Driver Troubleshooting

     ·   The Process of Troubleshooting Hardware Issues

     ·   How to Diagnose Hardware Problems

     ·   How to Use Built-In Diagnostics

     ·   How to Troubleshoot Disk Problems

     ·   How to Troubleshoot Driver Problems

     ·   How to Use System Restore

     ·   How to Troubleshoot USB Problems

     ·   How to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Problems

     ·   Troubleshooting Tools

Troubleshooting Network Issues

     ·   Tools for Troubleshooting

     ·   The Process of Troubleshooting Network Problems

Troubleshooting Stop Messages

     ·   Stop Message Overview

     ·   Memory Dump Files

     ·   Being Prepared for Stop Errors

     ·   Hardware Malfunction Messages

     ·   Stop Message Checklist