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Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure

Course Description:

Focused Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure technologies, this course covers Terminal Services, Web Services infrastructure and security, Media Server, Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services server options, File Server, Print Services, network maintenance, and Simple Network Management Protocol.

Course Outline:

Implementing and Configuring a Windows Deployment Infrastructure

  •     Deploying Windows in a Windows Server 2008 Environment

  •     Configuring Windows Deployment Services

  •     Deploying Virtual Machines

  •     Implementing a Windows Activation Infrastructure

Configuring Server Storage and Clusters

  •     Configuring Server Storage 

  •     Configuring Server Clusters

Installing and Configuring Terminal Services

  •     Deploying a Terminal Server 

  •     Configuring Terminal Services

Configuring and Managing a Terminal Services Infrastructure

  •     Configuring and Managing Terminal Services Clients 

  •     Deploying Terminal Services Gateway 

  •     Publishing Applications with TS RemoteApp

Installing and Configuring Web Applications

  •     Installing the Web Server (IIS) Role 

  •     Configuring Internet Information Services

Managing Web Server Security

  •     Configuring IIS Security 

  •     Controlling Access to Web Services

Configuring FTP and SMTP Services

  •     Configuring FTP 

  •     Configuring SMTP

Configuring Windows Media Services

  •     Configuring Windows Media Services

Configuring Windows SharePoint Services

  •     Configuring and Managing Windows SharePoint Services