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Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure

Course Description:

Focused on Windows Server 2008 networking, this course covers configuring remote access, Network Access Protection (NAP), network authentication, IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, and Domain Name System (DNS) replication; capturing performance data and monitoring event logs; and managing file and print services.

Course Outline:

Understanding and Configuring IP

      ·    Understanding and Configuring Network Connections

      ·    Understanding IP Version 4 (IPv4) Addressing

      ·    Understanding IP Version 6 (IPv6) Addressing

Configuring Name Resolution

      ·    Understanding Name Resolution in Windows Server 2008 Networks

      ·    Deploying a DNS Server

      ·    Configuring DNS Client Settings

Configuring a DNS Zone Infrastructure

      ·    Creating and Configuring Zones

      ·    Configuring Zone Replication and Transfers

Creating a DHCP Infrastructure

      ·    Installing a DHCP Server

      ·    Configuring a DHCP Server

Configuring IP Routing

      ·    Routing

Protecting Network Traffic with IPSec

      ·    Configuring IPSec

Connecting to Networks

      ·    Configuring Network Address Translation

      ·    Configuring Wireless Networks

      ·    Connecting to Remote Networks

Configuring Windows Firewall and Network Access Protection

      ·    Configuring Windows Firewall

      ·    Configuring Network Access Protection

Managing Software Updates

      ·    Understanding Windows Server Update Services

      ·    Using Windows Server Update Services

Monitoring Computers

      ·    Monitoring Event Logs

      ·    Monitoring Performance and Reliability

      ·    Using Network Monitor


Managing Files

      ·    Managing File Security

      ·    Sharing Folders

      ·    Backing Up and Restoring Files

Managing Printers

      ·    Managing Printers