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Course Objective:

To enable participants have understanding of Salesforce CRM business functionality ,configurations and other administrative tasks. The course structure is also designed for participants to clear Salesforce certification for administration.

Course Duration:

10 weeks

Course Structure:

Introduction to Salesforce :
          •    What is CRM
          •    Why CRM?
          •    What are various CRMs present in today’s world
          •    What is Cloud computing?
          •    Salesforce cloud platform
          •    Salesforce Editions
          •    Products of salesforce

Implementing Applications in Salesforce:

·   Administrator - Setup/Manage/Configure the environments and deployment
·    Business Analyst – Gather requirements /Configuration
·   Developer – Configure/Code/Deploy
·   End?? User – Uses the application

Introduction to data model:

·    What is data model
·    How to develop data model and interpret

Setting up environments:
·    Setting up environments
·    Creating sandboxes
·    Special considerations while refreshing sandboxes

Setting up user Interface

·    Customize home page
·    Customize the tabs
·    Home Page components
·    Home Page Layout
·    Custom links

Setting up Managing Users:

·    Creating users
·    Introduction to Roles and Profiles
·    Type of users

Security and Data access:
·    Creating users
·    Create Roles
·    Creating Profiles
·    Org wide sharing rules
·    Manual sharing rules
·    Remote site Settings

Customization : Applications:

·    Creating an app
·    Create Object
·    Create Fields
·    Field Dependencies picklist
·    Record types
·    Lead conversions
·    Formulas(Operations ans functions)
·    Validation Rules
·    Master_Detail
·    Lookup
·    Views
·    Buttons and Links
·    Outbound message
·    Workflow rules
·    Approval process
·    Tasks
·    Field sets
·    Email Alerts
·    Fields Updates
·    Custom settings
·    Custom labels
·    Email Templates
·    Files
·    Documents
·    Email templates
·    Sites
·    Static resources

Service and Support Administrtion:
·    Define a Case
·    Describe use cases for case Hierarchies
·    Describe how touse Case Queues to mange Cases
·    Describe how to use a Case Assignment Rule to assign and route Cases
·    Describe use cases for Email-to-Case
·    Describe use cases for Web-to-Case
·    Describe the functionality of the case Escalation Rule
·    Describe the functionality of the Auto-Response Rule
·    Describe the settings and rules for Case processing,including Business Hours and Escalation
·    Rules and the use of Email Templates
·    Define suggested solutions and explain where to use them
·    Describe what content is accessible via the Self_Service Portal
·    Describe the ways to access the Self-­-Service Portal
·    Build a Case Queue,Assignment Rule,Web-to-Case, and corresponding Auto Responsible Rule

Data Management
·    Import Wizards
·    Data Loader
·    Mass transfer
·    Backing up data
·    Mass delete abd Recycle Bin
·    Best Practices
·    Governor limits

·    Partner Portals
·    Self service Portals

Reports and Dashboards:

·    Running and modifying reports
·    Creating new Reports
·    Working with report filters
·    Summarizing with formulas and visual Summaries
·    Printing, exporting and emailing reports
·    Building dashboards


·    Chatter and chatter Free
·    Email administration and email templates
·    Tracking tasks and events

·    Deployment tools
·    Consideration needed while deploying