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Course Objective:

To enable participants have understanding of Salesforce CRM business functionality and configurations. Up on successful completion of course participants will be able to perform tasks of Sales and Marketing users Swiss Replica Watches

Course Duration:


Course Structure:

Introduction to Salesforce

          •    What is CRM
          •    Why CRM?
          •    What are various CRMs present in today’s world
          •    What is Cloud computing?
          •    Salesforce cloud platform
          •    Salesforce Editions
          •    Products of salesforce

Implementing Applications in Sales force:

·   Administrator - Setup/Manage/Configure the  environments  and deployment
·    Business Analyst – Gather requirements /Configuration
·   Developer  – Configure/Code/Deploy
·   End??  User – Uses the application

Lifecycle of Sales process:

·    Introduction to sales and Marketing process
·    Creating Campaigns and Leads and managing them.
·    Lead conversion in saleforce
·    Assignment rules

Salesforce Standard Objects:
·    Details of standard salesforce objects and their functionality

Salesforce CRM Navigation:

·    Tools needed to get started with Salesforce, including basic navigation, key terms, and relationships 

Salesforce CRM Sales :

·    For sales professionals; covers day-to-day use of Salesforce CRM. Understand the value of Salesforce CRM’s sales functionality and learn to take deals through the entire sales life cycle. Creating and managing Events and Tasks.

Reports and Dashboards :
·    For all users who want to generate reports and analyze Salesforce CRM data. Learn to create reports to strategically analyze campaigns, leads, accounts,contacts, opportunities, forecasts, cases, solutions, and documents.

Chatter :

·    For all users. Get up to speed on social media, how it relates to Chatter, and how Chatter relates to your business.

Building Your Sales Pipeline :
·    Learn all about leads and how to use them to build your pipeline in Salesforce CRM.

Campaign Management :
·    Creating a campaign and target lists, execute a campaign, track responses, and analyze your campaign’s effectiveness.

Introduction to Quotes for Sales Reps :
·    Accelerate your deal lifecycle with real-time quotes. Learn how to create a quote from an existing opportunity, generate a PDF, and quickly get your customers what they need with just a few clicks

The Service Cloud :
This course covers the many tools available through the Service Cloud. Learn the creation and management of cases and solutions as well as the agent productivity tools. Also learn the functionality of the self-service portal and customer portal.

Getting Started with Service and Support – Introduces the tools and processes covered in the course.
Case Management – Learn how to create cases and manage them through related lists and the cases home page.
Solutions – Follow a solution from its creation and the initial draft stage through the reviewed status.
Agent Productivity – Learn what tools are available to manage support reps’ case loads easily and efficiently, including related lists, the console, reports, and dashboards.
Agent Productivity – Learn what tools are available to manage support reps’ case loads easily and efficiently, including related lists, the console, reports, and dashboards.
Portals – Learn how the self-service portal and the customer portal empower your customers to leverage your existing knowledge base.

Managing Accounts :
·    Effectively use accounts and account relationships to keep track of your key clients.
Developing Contacts :
·    Explore the relationships between contacts and other key Salesforce .CRM items like accounts and opportunities. Learn how to manage and keep in touch with your contacts.