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Linux System Administration

Course Description

Provides students with knowledge and hands-on experience in installation, using utilities onthe command line and using Graphical User Interface, using programming tools, editing textfiles and simple shell scripting. Also provides an understanding of the Linux kernel, introductorynetworking concepts, and file systems.

Course Objectives:

· On completion of this course the students will have in-depth technical knowledge of what isrequired to administer Linux within the Enterprise. They will have gained practical experience ofconfiguring administrative, networking and security aspects of a Linux Enterprise system to anadvanced level.

Course Contents:

· Introduction to Linux
· Preparing for Linux Installation
· Linux Installation and Usage
· Linux Installation and Usage
· File Name Generation
· Linux Filesystem Management
· Linux Filesystem Administration
· Advanced Installation
· Working with the BASH Shell
· System Initialization
· Managing Linux Processes
· Common Administrative Tasks
· Compression, System Backup, and Software Installation
· Troubleshooting and Performance
· Linux Networking
· Configuring Network Services and Security

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