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Sun Certified Solaris System Administrator

Course Description

This certification is for System Administrators tasked with performing essential system administration procedures on the Solaris ™  Operating Environment (Solaris OD) and technical application supports staff responsible for administering a networked server running on the Solaris OS.


Course Objectives:

· Manage file systems and install software
· Performing system booth procedures
· Performing Network systems and printers
· Performing system backup and restores

Course Contents:

· Understanding System Concepts
· Installation
· Initializing and Shutdown
· File Systems
· Files and Directories
· The Booth Process
· Disk Configuration
· Editor
· Remote Connection
· Client Server Relationship
· Solaris Network Environment
· Solaris Syslog
· Solaris Pseudo File System and Swap Space
· Remote File Systems
· Cache FS
· Naming Services
· Role- Based Access Control
· Solaris Management Console and Solastice Adminsuite
· Automatic Installation

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