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Course Description

This course will help QuickBooks users who are just getting started and those who want to know if their QuickBooks Accounting software is properly setup. It is also helpful for those who are interested in setting up new features in the QuickBooks Accounting program that is not currently being used. This course is also designed to help you learn more about processing transactions and how they affect the general ledger and the financial statements of the business.

Course Objectives:

· Introduce students to a popular bookkeeping software, Quickbooks, used by many small businesses.
· Set up Quickbooks, enter data accurately, and manage the bookkeeping function for a small business. 

Course Contents:

· Getting Started with QuickBooks
· Setting up QuickBooks
· Working with Lists
· Working with Bank Acounts
· Using Other Accounts in QuickBooks
· Entering Sales Transactions
· Receiving and Making Deposits
· Entering and Paying Bills

The course includes the exam and focus on the year end Adjusting Entries.