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System Administration

Course Description

The System Administration functions of the applications enable you to implement security, change user preferences, and set up batch jobs. Although a user might be able to perform many of these functions, not all users will be comfortable with the technical aspects of managing printers, menus, and concurrent processing.

In this course you will learn to do following tasks:

· Defining security and access for the ERP applications.
· Create and maintain profile options and Preferences.
· Extend the online HTML help for local policies and Procedures.
· Manage Concurrent processing of batch programs.
· Customize menus and interactive navigation paths for users.
· Set up and Maintain Printers.

Course Objectives:

· To manage applications security, including creating
users, responsibilities, and custom menus.
· To Explore Oracle’s Concurrent Processing environment, and learn how to set up request groups and request sets, as well as how to submit concurrent requests or concurrent request sets through the Standard Request Submission (SRS) form.

Course Contents:

· Managing Application Security.
· Managing Concurrent Programs and Reports.
· Administering Concurrent Managers.
· Managing Profile Options.
· Auditing System Resources.
· Document Sequencing.
· Incorporating custom Programs.
· Managing Printers.
· Trouble Shooting.


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