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Accounts Payables  (AP)

Course Description

The course will describe the purpose of payables and the tasks required by this last stage of procurement cycle. This course will show how to use the form of payment, including automatic checks, manual payments, wire transfers, bank drafts, and electronic funds transfers. It shows how you can prevent duplicate payments etc.

Course Objectives:



· Shows how the other applications are related to Payables.
· Describes some of the important features in Release 11 of Payables.
· How it benefit when it is integrated with the other Applications.


· Basic knowledge and concepts of Accounting.
· IT Essentials.

Course Contents:

· Introduction
· Overview of Oracle Payables
· Suppliers
· Payments
· Foreign Currency
· Reports, Programs and Listings
· Automatic Tax Calculation Overview
· Encumbrances in Payables
· New Features in Release 11i
· Payables Set up
· Accounting For Receivables
· Invoices
· Transactions
· Accounting
· Resource Management
· Budgetary Control in Payables
· Intercompany Accounting

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