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Order Management (OM)

Course Description

In this course you will learn implementation considerations for the 11i Order to Cash solution, including the setup steps that 11i Order Management and Receivables implementers need to understand. Students will also learn 11i Inventory setups that are germane to the order management process. Topics include basic pricing, shipping, and cash management principles. 11i Order to Cash Fundamentals is part of the Implementation Consultant learning path and will provide you with the knowledge to help your company streamline its entire order to cash process.

Course Objectives:

· Set up 11i Order Management
· Process of order management, shipping and pricing
· Determine key implementation strategies

Course Contents:

· Introduction
· Order Management Setups
· Order Management Process
· Processing Constraints
· Default Rules
· Pricing
· Sales Order and Scheduling
· Credit Checking
· Shipping Tolerances
· Manage Orders
· Tax Accounting

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