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Bill Of Material

Course Description

This course will show how Bill of Material relates to the other Oracle Modules and the key types of information the modules share with each other. Bill of Material provides numerous features that enables you to set up your system to reflect your business practices and manage the materials of your products. In this course, the trainee will be introduced to the architecture and components of Oracle Applications. The trainee is exposed to the Bill of Material tasks and activities of Oracle Applications on the technical side and on the functional side.


Course Objectives:

· To manage applications security, including creating users, responsibilities, and custom menus.
· To Explore Oracle’s Concurrent Processing environment, and learn how to set up request groups and request sets, as well as how to submit concurrent requests or concurrent request sets through the Standard Request Submission (SRS) form.

Course Contents:

· Introduction
· Configuring the Application
· Converting Data for Major Entities
· Processing Transactions
· Using Open Interfaces in this Applications
· Reports
· Using Oracle Bill of Materials
· Critical Implementation factors

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